Earn Your Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at UNT-Dallas

North Texas Area Teachers Can Earn a Master’s in Educational Leadership Through the UNT-Dallas School of Education


Core Principles of Educational Leadership
The School of Education’s Master of Education program at the University of North Texas-Dallas will lead students to earn a graduate degree in Educational Administration. This 30-semester hour program prepares students with the skills and knowledge required for leadership careers at campus or central office administration positions. Graduates will earn their Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL) certification and be prepared to earn their Texas Principal Certificate following this program.

The UNT-Dallas School of Education is committed to training effective leaders to advance 21st century schools. We recognize that educational administration is a challenging and rewarding career path that requires unique skills and competencies. The Master’s in Educational Administration program emphasizes real-world understanding and practical application of leadership principles with a specialized focus on:

  • Urban Leadership
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Instructional Leadership

Our graduates will gain a deep understanding of these core concepts, allowing them to provide skillful and authentic leadership in any educational setting. Our program is committed to developing leaders with practical knowledge and understanding to support the evolving needs of K-12 education while driving student achievement.

Join the UNT-Dallas Principal Preparation Master’s in Educational Leadership program and in 18 months you will:

  • Build a supportive network of professional leadership colleagues
  • Experience small classes and hands-on support from dedicated university professors
  • Engage in challenging and stimulating professional dialogue around issues of 21st century urban school leadership
  • Complete 30 credit hours (including 3 credit hours internship required for Texas principal certification) course work aimed toward meeting the challenges and opportunities of working in diverse and dynamic educational environments
  • Earn TEA required certification in Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL)
  • Develop the knowledge and skill needed to successfully pass the TExES principal certification exam
  • Graduate with the confidence and enthusiasm necessary to secure and succeed in campus or central office level leadership in public or private educational institutions

Career Opportunities for leadership positions in the field of education include such job titles as: Principal, Assistant Principal, Associate Principal, Dean of Instruction, Supervisor, Department Chair, Director at the central school district office (such as Bilingual Education, Curriculum, Special Education), Athletic Director,  Education Service Center coordinators, directors, and other types of leadership roles in public and private schools or educational agencies.

UNT-Dallas School of Education’s graduate program offers:

  • Lower-cost tuition from the only public university in Dallas
  • Flexible scheduling with hybrid courses
  • Face-to-face instruction from experienced educators, administrators, and superintendents from area school districts
  • Hands-on internship and practicum experience
  • TEA-required AEL certification
  • Development and preparation to pass TExES principal certification exam

Admission Procedure

  1. Submit the following to the Office of Graduate Admissions:
    • Graduate School Application for Admission (www.applytexas.org)
      • Select the program of your choosing in the “Select your major” section.
      • Educational Leadership, M.Ed.
      • Graduate Non-degree (if you already have a master’s degree and pursuing Principal Certification only)
    • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
    • Contact our office to notify us you have applied!  Send an email to Jerry.Burkett@untdallas.edu

Admission Standards

  • Applicants must have at least 3.0 GPA on the last 60 undergraduate semester hours of work prior to receiving the bachelor’s degree, or a 2.8 GPA on all undergraduate work, to be considered for unconditional admission to the UNT Graduate School for studies at the master’s level.  Applicants who have already completed a master’s degree must have at least at 3.4 GPA on the master’s or meet the undergraduate GPA standards.  Applicants who do not meet the GPA requirements may be considered for a GPA waiver based on the strength of the department application.
  • Applicants must hold at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must hold at least a provisional teacher certificate.
  • Applicants must have at least two (2) years creditable teaching experience in K-12 public or private schools prior to beginning course work.

Recommended Course Sequence

Degree and Certification plans are prepared in the 5300 course.  After the student has completed the four core courses, the student may apply for Internship (EDAD 5500).  Once the student is enrolled in the internship, the faculty Internship Supervisor becomes the advisor for the remainder of the program.  In preparing the degree plan, a student may transfer up to six (6) semester hours of course work from another institution with advisor and UNT Dallas Graduate School permission.  Students have six years to complete the degree.  Work that is more than six years old at the time of your graduation cannot be counted toward the master’s degree.  Students must apply for graduation in the final semester of course work in order to receive the degree.

Core Courses (Courses must be taken prior to Professional Courses)
EDAD 5300 – Introduction to Educational Leadership
EDAD 5330 – The Principalship
EDAD 5380 – Leadership for Accountability, Assessment, and Evaluation
EDAD 5390 – Campus Level School Law

EDAD 5500 – Internship (after core is completed)
Students must apply for the internship in advance by the appropriate deadline as stated on the application. Internship must be taken prior to the Practicum course for students seeking principal certification.

Professional Courses
EDAD 5610 – Communications and Public Relations
EDAD 5620 – Leadership for Student Educational Services
EDAD 5640 – School Finance
EDAD 5680 – Leadership of the K-12 Instruction and Curriculum

Final Course
EDAD 5700 – Practicum in Educational Leadership (Must be final course taken in the final semester) Students must apply for the practicum in advance by the appropriate deadline as stated on the application.  Students cannot take the practicum (5700) and the internship (EDAD 5500) in the same semester.  Internship must be taken prior to the Practicum course for students seeking principal certification.

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