Module 3.0: The Fundamental 5

The first thing you need to do in this module is follow Sean Cain on Twitter. He can be found @LYSNation.  Follow his blog after you read his very short book.

This module is very short but has essential information. The Fundamental 5 describes the basics for creating and improving instruction for your campus.  You will hear in your graduate studies that instructional leaders should have an instructional model in their back pocket at all times.  There are numerous, research-based models out there and your school district may steer you in the direction of a preferred model. However, the basics–the fundamentals–should be addressed and evaluated for all teachers at all times to ensure that quality instruction is happening. If the teachers on your campus aren’t even doing the basics, how can you improve?

Think of it in these terms:

You can’t divide until you know how to multiply.
You can’t do a layup unless you know how to dribble.
You can’t walk until you learn to crawl.

and you can’t expect great instruction unless you can do these 5 things really well…

The Fundamental 5: (pages 19-24)

  1. Frame the Lesson (chapter 3)
  2. Work in the Power Zone (chapter 4)
  3. Frequent Small Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning (chapter 5)
  4. Recognize and Reinforce (chapter 6)
  5. Write Critically (chapter 7)

Read pages 19-24 to learn the definitions of each of the Fundamental 5. Read the chapters for each of the Fundamental 5 and take notes on major issues and themes you find.  The chapters are short but the information is critical.

Complete the assignments below:

Assignment 1: After reading The Fundamental 5 (F5), write a lesson plan (any content or subject of your choosing) incorporating the F5 into the lesson construct.  Be sure to indicate on the plan where and how you will use the 5 strategies in your lesson.  Note: make this easy on yourself and use a lesson plan that you have already written and improve it with the F5.

Assignment 2: Write a staff development plan describing how you would introduce and train your teachers on the F5.  Feel free to use the textbook, Sean Cain’s Twitter feeds, and the LYS Blog as tools to develop your plan. Hint: would’t it be great if you conducted the staff development on the Fundamental 5 using the Fundamental 5?

Assignment 3:  Create an Infographic of the Fundamental 5.  Think of the Infographic as a poster or advertisement you would hang in classrooms on your campus.

Bonus Points: Tweet @LYSNation and @DrJerryRBurkett stating something you found meaningful in your reading of The Fundamental 5.  You must tweet at both of us to earn the points.