History of Texas Public Education

History of Texas Public Education

There was a time in the history of Texas when education was a respected industry. It was regarded as a pathway out of poverty and it provided an opportunity for the citizens of the state.  A significant example of this philosophy can be found in the Texas Declaration of Independence (signed March 2, 1836) which lists among the numerous grievances against Mexico that no system of public education had been established for Texans.

However, as time marches on, the Texas nation becomes a state, and the population grows; the philosophy of public education in Texas has certainly changed.  Although you will read that many of the decisions that have been made seem to admirable and appropriate, there appears to be a distinct shift in thinking that occurs.  Can you pinpoint when that shift occurs?

Please review An Overview of the History of Public Education in Texas from the Texas Education Agency as well as the Texas Education Timeline from Texas State University.  After reviewing these two documents, make a determination and discuss with your classmate the point in time when you believe that a shift in ideology and philosophy occurred.