Student Spotlight: Sama Eldabaja

I have recently started my journey to earning my Master’s Educational Leadership degree. I have always known I wanted to advance my education and earn a Master’s degree, but was waiting for the “right time.” Over the years, I thought about what I wanted a Master’s in and where I would like to go. I did a lot of research at different campuses, online programs, but none of them stood out. I graduated from TWU, and I knew they only offered and online degree. I was more interested in finding a program that allowed me to have face-to-face meetings as well as online. I considered the University of North Texas in Denton, but that was a long drive from where I am at now. As the search continued, I came across UNT-Dallas. I also knew two coworkers that were going to UNT-Dallas to get their Master’s Degree. The more I considered, the more I knew I wanted to attend. As I started my journey at UNT-Dallas, it has been nothing but positive, encouraging, and is flexible. The staff is also great. They are supportive, encouraging, respond in a timely manner, and take the time to see what is the best fit for each person individually.

If I know someone is considering getting their masters I would recommend going to UNT-Dallas. When I had a question or concern, they could find an answer for me in a timely manner. They are flexible in offering classes online, in person, or even some hybrid classes. As a teacher, this allows me to be able to continue going to school as well as work full-time and spend time with my family.

I hope to be able to get my Ph.D. at UNT-Dallas if possible; I also plan to be a life-long learner. As a teacher, I always say you cannot stop learning. My classes have been very beneficial to my teaching and future career as a campus leader. Not only do I learn new and different techniques to help improve my school, it helps improve my teaching skills, get new ideas, and be able to look at a bigger picture.